Funny Ricky Horror things
I just wanna say I looove your blog thingy lol cx

Thank you!:)

I just want to say that I love all the stuff you post and I've re-posted and liked almost everything haha :)

Aww thank you!!:)

Is it true that ricky self harmed, was bullied, and was suicidal?

I don’t know about the self harm I just know that one time he got fucked up and tried to kill himself but I don’t wanna say much else cuz I don’t want to give false information

just sayin, Ricky and his girlfriend did break up, i talked to him a couple months ago and he said he just wants to have fun right now

Oh ok well there we go:) lol

I don't think Ricky and Jessica are together, he's taken every picture related to her or of her down..

I have no idea lol

I've heard and read that Ricky and Jessica broke up..? Is this true?

I honestly don’t know sorry:/

Are Ricky and Jessica still together?

I believe so lol I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure they are

I love your blog <3 Ricky horror is awesome! I dunno what I'd do if I met him lol! Maybe die?

Thank you!!

Can you tell me the deal with Weiner Boy? I've just gotten into MIW and this blog is the fourth place I've seen Weiner boy.

One time the boys were at a wing place I think hooters or something. Anyway one of the servers made Ricky stand on a box with a hotdog hanging out of his mouth while they sang some song. Everyone thought it was hilarious and it went overboard. Everyone was making jokes and posting shit about it everywhere. He got annoyed with it and then it kinda died down. That’s pretty much it lol there ya go:)

Hey there c: just wanted to say, I love your blog, it's great c: you may carry on.. :3 .-. *awkwardly shuffles back to my corner*

Well thank you so much dear!! *awkwardly shuffles into the corner with you and hugs you*